tobani Search shortcuts — supercharged.

We use a lot of web tools (of course, we are pros 😎). However to reach them, we often wait first for Google, have to skip their ads, click on the service we anyhow wanted and wait once more 🫠

Wouldn't it be cool to reach your favorite services directly? With commands and suggestions right in your address bar? With zero configuration?

You want to translate?
Eichhörnchen .deepl
… search JavaScript docs at Mozilla Developer Network?
.mdn array splice
… want to instantly create a Google Meet call?
… find a place?
.maps Fancystreet 5, Fancy Town
… do a normal Google search? It's the fallback, so like before:
normal google search foo bar

Try it now by setting Tobani as your default search provider (no extension needed).

How to use Tobani in Chrome (Desktop)

  1. In Settings, go to Manage search engines and site search
  2. Scroll down to Inactive shortcuts and find the Tobani entry
  3. Open its menu and click Make default

List of services (not complete)

Set fallback search engine